Generations of Commerce

Schou begins with Johannes Schou

Having an eye for things – and for making them grow – has always been a part of Schou’s DNA. It runs in a straight line from the first Schou; Johannes Schou, who with a head full of ideas decided to open a grocery store in Vamdrup, near Kolding. WWI is approaching. The year is 1912.

The grocery store is only the beginning for Johannes. The store is quickly expanded with a large drugstore, where he sells pharmaceuticals and chemicals. When the war breaks out, he is fast to establish a factory which produces surrogate foods. Yes, it is not real cocoa, real coffee or real spices, but the Danes long for the taste of something that they cannot get any longer.




A new Schou takes over: Andreas Schou

After the death of Johannes Schou in 1939, Kirstine Schou continues the business with support from her to oldest sons, Knud and Laurids. However, there is little doubt that the second-youngest son, Andreas Schou, also has inherited an undeniable talent for trade and business.

But Andreas is a young man with many talents and thrives very well in the army as an officer. So, it takes some persuasion to bring him home to Vamdrup. But in 1951 he becomes head of business together with Laurids. This collaboration lasts for about ten years, then Andreas will like to run things himself.




Like father, like son: Jørgen Schou

By virtue of Andreas Schous’ drive and trading skills the name Schou becomes an inseparable part of Vamdrup and the entire region throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. In 1990, though, he is ready to pass the baton on to the youngest son of the family, Jørgen Schou, who has been an apprentice of his father ever since he could walk.

Jørgen is taken along to the Far East and Eastern Europe with his father and later he educates himself in USA and Canada. When he gets the keys to company, he has already worked his way up and is Head of Sales.


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